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We're excited to offer Underdog+ treats, from our friends, in Columbus, OH- 20% of sales donated to animal shelters:

There's no denying it, a dog truly completes a family, and we knew that adding a furry friend to our household was just what we needed. When we met Rio, a 90lb Labrador/Great Dane mix, we knew that she was the one for us - a protector, a best friend, and an absolute baby who's amazing with our kids. However, with Rio's damaged liver and food restrictions, we knew that we had to provide her with the best possible food and treats, which is why we started making Underdog Bones!

As a lover of craft beer, I was already familiar with Brewer's Grain dog treats, but I wasn't sure if they were any better than the store-bought treats. As it turns out, they're a LOT better! Nowadays, most dog treats are filled with harmful chemicals, dyes, and byproducts that are anything but nutritious for our furry friends. Even most "artisan" and "brand name" treats are filled with fillers like soy, wheat, and corn, which can cause all sorts of health issues for our pups.

That's where Underdog+ comes in - our Peanut Butter Brew Bones are small-batch oven-baked treats that are handcrafted with love in Columbus, Ohio using locally sourced Brewer's Grain. Brewer's Grain is a natural source of dietary fiber and contains zero processed wheat, hops, or alcohol. We use only the best organic peanut butter, farm-fresh eggs, cinnamon, turmeric, coconut oil, and fresh parsley to make sure that your pup is getting nothing but the best.

Unlike other artisan dog treats, Underdog Bones contain NO corn, rice, soy, or wheat flour, and NEVER any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Our pup deserved better, and we believe that yours does too. So, why settle for anything less than the best? Try Underdog Bones today and give your furry friend the healthy and delicious treats that they deserve!

Underdog+ - Treats that give back!